What They’re Saying

“I had the great privilege of collaborating with Dave on a podcast musical where he was responsible for creating a new form — a marriage of sound design, song, scoring and editing. Dave’s vast tool chest of skills in all of these arenas was a rare commodity for our project, and his deeply collaborative spirit made him an incomparable member of the creative team.”

Marlo Hunter
Director (Film & Theater)

“Wow, I started working with Dave back to the 90’s! That’s a lot of territory we covered, a lot of projects. From IBM to Nortel Networks, Sony Electronics to SAP AG, we made a lot of music.  And there is a reason for such a long history.  Dave is an amazing talent on so many levels. I can’t think of one project where he didn’t knock it out of the park. From grand majestic orchestrated compositions to small playful ditties, his compositions, rich playing skills, talent, orchestrations and his keen engineering/mixing skills always succinctly embraced our productions and took them to another level. What can I say, a true artist and a solid professional that never missed a deadline or hesitated to adjust to the whims of me or my clients.  For that… thanks Dave.”

Roger Woo
Woo Creative, NYC

“Dave writes authentic and engaging music in every medium, including commercials. He always has an unexpected idea that sounds so right and serves the story being told. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Jim Nolan
Creative Director, NYC

“I have known and worked with Dave Hart for over 25 years. I had the pleasure to sing on many of his commercials , co-write songs with him, including for Children’s Television Workshop, and have him produce many of my solo projects. What always struck me was his exceptional talent as an arranger, his knack for writing melodies, and on top of that, as a producer making everything sound so damn good. I’ve been blessed to work with many of the amazing musicians and producers in New York over the years, and for me, Dave is always at the top of that list.”

Doriane Elliott
Casting Director/Acting Coach/Song Writer

“Dave is a great writer, and has clearly done his homework. He and Emma are making music that matters, music that needs to be heard”

 Jim Van Cleve  
Nashville Producer, Fiddler, Musical Director-Josh Turner Band (full interview)

Dave’s talent speaks for itself. Musically, he can do anything he wants to, and if you ask him for something, He will not only deliver, but he’ll improve your ideas too.

Richard Reiss
Director in Multiple Formats – NYC

“I Have worked with Dave and been a fan for many years – both in the business, as well as his collaboration with Emma. Wonderful composer and terrific guitarist (many other instruments as well). More importantly, Dave is an excellent collaborator and working with him is always an enjoyable experience.”

Larry Kapit
SVP Craft/McCann


“There are few people I can recommend with as much confidence as Dave Hart. He is simply a stellar producer and engineer, with a keen musical ear, great technical facility, and an easy going manner (which makes a whole lot of difference when you’re spending hours in the studio!). The fact that he can also play numerous instruments remarkably well is only icing on the cake.”

Elizabeth Erin Kemler
Independent Artist


“To say that I am fortunate would be undoubtedly one of the greatest understatements I could think of when I reflect on all my experiences with Dave, as not only a musician and producer, but as a mentor who has both watched and tended to my growth as an artist. He is a powerful musician, and a caring producer.  There are so many songs yet to be sung, and I only hope to create more with him in the future.”

Emma Cali
Independent Artist